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Upskill faster than ever with enhanced learning recommendations
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Upskill faster than ever with enhanced learning recommendations

July 2022 product updates - Enhanced learning recommendations

Domain feedback and learning plans in Workera will now be enhanced with predicted skills!

Using state-of-the-art AI and new skill inference technology, Workera is now able to quickly and accurately predict learners' competency on skills beyond what they have been directly assessed on. This isn't traditional inference. The platform understands that if, for example, a person is assessed as being highly adept at a difficult skill, that person is also adept at a simpler version of that skill. (If a person knows what 2x2 is, surely they also know 2+2!) At the end of the day, this enhancement ultimately gives users even more robust learning opportunities without extending the time it takes to complete an assessment.

Learners can now receive feedback or learning plans for skills they have not been directly measured on, but that Workera can confidently determine they need to develop. This may include new skills to learn, or inferred strong skills that are based on prior demonstrated competency. Workera will also be using these new skills to create more efficient learning plans and a better overall experience for learners.

A note for current Workera users: Additional new skills will be predicted and added after learners complete a new assessment within a domain, and the enhanced plans will include more of the predicted “needs improvement” and “strong” skills. Learners will also see new course recommendations based on their predicted skills!

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