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Say goodbye to high-level skill definitions. Get accurate, meaningful
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Granular skills approach

High-level skills approach

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Measuring skills at a granular level makes them actionable

To offer truly actionable data, Workera has built a skills ontology that provides enterprise organizations depth of understanding at a level of granularity not previously possible.

Workera measures







How Workera measures
skills differently

Meaningful, accurate measurement across skill sets is essential
to understanding the talent within your workforce.

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Workera's AI-powered assessment engine, driven by our granular skills ontology and computer adaptive testing, is changing the way organizations understand their workforce. Accurate measurements, taken on an ongoing basis, provide enterprises with critical insights about their people's skills. After all, if you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

Bad data in, bad insights out

Remove the guesswork

Other skills data providers in the market rely on subpar inputs and vague estimation as their method for measuring skills. Their bad data means you get poor insights.

LXP and Talent Intelligence platforms

Skill data derived from 3rd party sources

Too high-level and doesn’t indicate capability

Leads to subpar talent decisions

Online learning platforms

Quizzes and assessments created for content consumption

Siloed insights, stuck in one platform

Hard to track skill growth over time

Surveys and self-built assessments

Very time consuming to create and maintain

Limitation in terms of skills tested

Not possible to benchmark externally

Hiring skills assessments tools

Pass/fail assessments only focused on hiring

Disjointed talent strategies across hiring vs. upskilling

Hard to hire for your actual skill gaps

Understand. Develop. Mobilize.

Understand the skills in
your workforce

Learn more about why Workera’s understanding of skills
and ability to measure them can help your organization
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