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Accelerate your enterprise transformation by assessing your team's skills, rapidly upskilling, and measuring their progress in cutting-edge technologies like GenAI.

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win on skills

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Skills measurement

Objective, AI-powered skills assessments provide the visibility needed into a workforce’s strengths, development areas, and skills gaps. 

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Granularly-defined skills

By reimagining how to classify skills, Workera provides an unprecedented level of precision when measuring and understanding your employees’ skills.

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Personalized learning

Deliver development opportunities at scale with seamless integration across your content stack, including proprietary, free, and paid resources. 

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Built for enterprise

Highly configurable and enterprise-ready, the Workera platform is optimized to help you meet your specific business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workera is a skills development platform that helps accelerate your enterprise transformation by assessing your team's skills, rapidly upskilling, and measuring their progress in cutting-edge technologies.

Workera's domains span technology, including data science, AI, software, machine learning, and more. As work evolves, so do the domains we offer and the skills we measure. Because Workera defines skills differently, at a granular level, we are able to measure thousands of very specific skills that individuals need to know to learn any particular domain.

Workera is not a content provider. Rather, Workera accurately assesses skills in a way that is agnostic of any one content provider, allowing us to provide an objective measurement. Workera is built to seamlessly integrate into existing free and paid content providers, curating and serving the most relevant learning resources that are hyper-personalized for each learner.

Within enterprise organizations, Workera is used by two main groups, employees and leaders.

Employees can use Workera to assess skills and follow learning pathways set up by their organization to help them meet business and career development goals.

Leaders use Workera to gain visibility into their Workforce's skills, giving them the skills intelligence to guide their talent strategies, and determine the best course-of-action based on that intelligence.

Workera's solution is designed for large enterprise companies, typically over 5,000 employees. It is best suited for organizations focused on digital transformation and making data-driven decisions about their talent strategies.