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Transformation driven by the right skills intelligence

Workera provides exceptional visibility into your workforce's skills with unmatched accuracy and granularity, powered by AI.
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Trusted by global enterprises to help build a future-proof organization

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You can't win without
skills intelligence

Skills Intelligence for Enterprises

Lack of visibility into workforce skills and the absence of a reliable
mechanism for ongoing measurement stifles innovation.

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Informed decisions

Leaders can feel confident in their decisions when they’re backed by accurate skills intelligence.

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Aligned workforce

Understanding people’s capabilities means they can be aligned to your business strategy.

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Faster innovation

Know what's needed to keep up with the speed of industry reinvention with reliable skills data.

How it works

Workera accelerates transformation

Workera can be configured to your unique business needs, allowing each enterprise to measure the skills that matter, upskill in the right areas, and get the intelligence they value most.

Industry-leading skills ontology

Workera thinks about skills differently. Our team of experts have deconstructed traditionally defined skills, connecting them into an evolving skills ontology that produces accurate data and drives real and meaningful insights. Learn more

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Objective skills assessment

Workera’s assessments adjust to each user based on their own skill level using computer adaptive testing. Coupled with AI and informed by millions of measurements across the globe, Workera provides accuracy in skills measurement that’s unmatched in the industry. Learn more

 82%  users complete assessments within 3 months 
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Continuous measurement

To remain competitive, enterprises need to track how fast their employees are acquiring skills. Workera offers continuous measurement capabilities that provide a valuable estimate of an organization’s learning velocity, then benchmarks against best-in-class competitors. Learn more

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Hyper-personalized learning

Highly effective and based on valid assessment data and learner inputs, Workera provides hyper-personalized learning plans that upskill your employees significantly faster with laser-focused content. Learn more

8x average improvement in the rate of learning
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Track your progress

Reporting and insights

Easily measure the ROI across your talent initiatives with robust, real-time analytics dashboards and industry benchmarking. Know what's working, what's not, and quickly adapt as needed.

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Get an unmatched view
into your workforce’s skills

Understand. Develop. Mobilize.

See how Workera can seamlessly integrate into your current ecosystem
to get insights that better inform your decision-making.