Future-Proof Your Talent: Harnessing Verified Skills Data to Stay Ahead in AI and Tech

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Your employees gain skills quickly and efficiently with the most precise upskilling solution on the market, giving your organization a competitive advantage and innovating faster than ever before.
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"As the pace of change grows faster than ever, organizations must prioritize their most valuable assettheir people. Until Workera, organizations were unable to fully assess the skills that their workforces had, and the skills that they had and lacked. Upskilling was an ineffective, one-size-fits-all approach. At Workera, we are solving this problem."


Falen Milton Head of People at Workera

Prepare your workforce
for tomorrow, faster

Future-proof your Enterprise

Shorten the time to upskill

Workera’s personalized, adaptive learning plans are built using the insight we gain from each learner’s skills assessments. They focus on the specific skill areas that will move the needle most to improve someone’s ability in a particular domain. Each individual is assigned clear, concise pieces of learning material and projectsboth free and provided by your enterprisethat result in a shorter time to upskill while keeping your employees engaged.

Bringing in Workera as a way to quickly assess, understand our knowledge gaps, learn and re-assess. This brought a faster-paced way to upskill"

Global IT Program Delivery Senior Manager

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Target the skills you need most

Through custom configuration of our skills ontology and learning pathways for each of your relevant roles, Workera lets you focus your upskilling initiatives on the specific skills that matter most. We give you a starting point, and partner with you to determine what’s right for your enterprise.

52%  increase in relevant skills

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Maximize your investment

Workera offers seamless integration into free and paid content providers, and directs learners to the exact chapter or course for each skill they need to learn. We help learners navigate the ocean of content, serving them only what is relevant. You get active, engaged learners who actually find value in the material.


Quantify your ROI

You can finally meaningfully measure the ROI of your learning and development programs with real-time skills data and benchmarking against industry peers and best-in-class talent metrics. You will be able to see what is and isn't working, track changes over time, and quickly adjust as needed.

8x (1)  increase in rate of learning

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Understand. Develop. Mobilize.

Upskill your workforce
with precision

See how Workera's solution can help maximize your investment in learning resources and speed your time to upskill.