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Case study – Global Professional Services Company
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Case study – Global Professional Services Company

As a leader, it’s paramount to ensure your teams keep up with the latest technology developments and stay ahead of the competition.

In 2021, the leader of Global Data Science and Machine Learning for a multinational enterprise professional services organization recognized the need for consistent skill development across their globally distributed teams. Despite providing learning content, there were still inconsistencies in skills among these teams.

A lack of data hindered their ability to precisely identify what skill gaps existed. And no amount of learning content will enable teams to work effectively and efficiently without the data to tell them where they need to focus. A plan of action was needed to prepare them for the ambitious AI objectives they had.


Traditional one-size-fits-all learning plans can address the upskilling needs but tend to waste time on the skills an individual already has. As a leader, it’s paramount to ensure your teams keep up with the latest technology developments and stay ahead of the competition in the market through reskilling and upskilling solutions. Our client understood the value of data but didn’t have the solutions that could give them these insights into individual skills.

Closing these skills gaps was vital to their efforts to consistently deliver high-quality results regardless of the team, location, or company objectives they supported. Furthermore, they aimed to create a data science & machine learning team comprised of “the best of the best.” They needed a solution to benchmark individuals to the market, flexibly adapt to their existing upskilling strategies, and level up their team without adding immense and cumbersome training materials. 

Workera's solution

Enter Workera, an enterprise skills development platform that moves beyond the traditional upskilling approach by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to target skills based on strategic business needs and goals, assess skill sets, and mobilize teams to meet the objectives of those initiatives. 

Workera skills development solution assisted their business in building the “best of the best” through:

  • Configurable solutions that integrate and build onto existing upskilling strategies
  • Hyper-personalized skill development plans
  • Deep insights into the skills, progress, and engagement of teams
  • Accurate skill benchmarking

“The ROI of a solution like Workera is the data and precise insights into the skills of my team.
I can tell you the exact skills of over 4,000 data scientists. Instead of saying, “I think my team has skills,” I can say exactly where they are and how to get them where they need to be.”
– Global Data Science and  Machine Learning Leader

Workera's AI-driven platform helps teams globally fine-tune their workforce strategies. Its
adaptability offers personalized skill growth opportunities with empathy, support, and encouragement. Designed for large teams, Workera aids in technological advancement at both an organizational and individual level — showing how technical teams can continuously improve to meet their key objectives.


50% 25% 80%
Reduction in time to reach skills competency over 12 months  Increase in skills for active learners over 12 months  Of learners have been assessed and upskilled in AI domains 

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