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Case Study – Belcorp
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Case Study – Belcorp

Helping one of Latin America’s leading beauty corporations streamline its ability to innovate. 

Belcorp is one of Latin America’s premier beauty corporations, serving millions of customers in Latin and North America.

In early 2022, Workera partnered with Belcorp to provide the its technology team with an innovative and progressive way to measure their baseline skills – ensuring their skill level was both industry standard and actively competitive.

Belcorp's challenge

Assess the baseline skills of Belcorp’s technical team to identify knowledge gaps and benchmark against industry standards.

Workera's solution

Personalized assessment and learning plans designed to upskill team members, with a long-term focus.

Belcorp needed an objective understanding of their technical team’s talent compared to industry standards and benchmarks, especially when compared to large tech companies. The corporation didn’t have a comprehensive, measurable and quantifiable way to assess these skills – an increasingly important challenge given the fast pace of change and disruption in the beauty sector.


“Workera continues to play a key role in accelerating Belcorp’s ability to innovate by improving the quality of our projects and boosting our team’s confidence in delivering critical outputs.”
Venkat GopalanChief Digital, Technology and Data Officer at Belcorp


Key numbers

  • 30% acceleration in skills development for data engineers.
  • 57% increase in skills development for software engineers.
  • 64% certification rate for the Belcorp team across technical roles.
  • 89% of domains exceed enterprise benchmarks in Core 1 proficiency.

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