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Workera April Update! New Signature Domains, My People Snapshot & Skills Breakdown are live!
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Workera April Update! New Signature Domains, My People Snapshot & Skills Breakdown are live!

We’ve been especially busy adding some exciting additions to our product! Admins and Users alike will both appreciate these six new improvements. Let’s start with the new Admin (Leader/Manager) focused features:


New Admin Features

Leverage Workera Signature Domains to their full extent with templates

Workera Signature Domains are our pre-packaged, customer-proven skill frameworks for specific skill categories (like ‘Generative AI’ or ‘Data Analytics’ or “Machine Learning’ to name a few). These domains are available immediately to be used as building blocks for specific roles, or projects, for which you’d like to verify your team’s skills. 

Now you can leverage Workera Signature Domain templates for additional customization. Now you can view each in more detail and leverage these domain templates as a starting point.  Customize with templates and meet team specific needs to save time when creating your employee pathways. 










We’ve also launched the following New Workera Signature Domains:

.NET Vector Databases
Cloud Computing Foundations Databricks
Snowflake ChatGPT API
Penetration Testing Foundations Diffusion Models
Google Cloud Platform Foundations Network Security
React Software Quality Assurance
Speech Recognition Digital Forensics Foundations


Introducing My People Snapshot - recently earning a 7 Os “WOOOOOOO” from one of our customers! 

The fastest way to identify experts and drill down into the skills, learning progress, and trends of your team. Accessible from the Dashboard by clicking any of your team’s domain areas, this quick and informative single-pane view provides a quick and easy summary of all your team members’ current scoring in any domains they are assigned to. 









Introducing Skills Breakdown

A visual guide to the granular & verified data available from the leading skills technology platform. Now you can see a detailed breakdown of each team member’s skills - digestible visual ‘pie chart’ overview as well as a detailed list by domain area identifying skill strengths and weaknesses that power hyper-personalized learning experiences based on verified skills data.








Introducing Learning Progress

Admins and leaders can now better track and manage progress in skill development to help close their team’s skill gaps. Leaders can now easily see their individual team members’ assigned pathways, scores for completed domains, learning plans, learning resources, and recommendations.

New User Features

Updated! Guided Self Rating 

Introducing a new approach to self-rating before an assessment is begun. Now, users are encouraged to reflect on their abilities and given a frame of reference on what Novice, Beginning, Developing and Accomplished proficiency levels represent. This helps users take ownership of their learning which, in turn, motivates them to achieve their goals. 

Introducing Short Answer Questions in Assessments

We’re going above and beyond the standard multiple choice assessments. We’ve now added short answer questions as part of our assessments, making assessments more practical and less academic in some of our most popular skill domains.

 We’ll be doing a deeper dive into some of these features in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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