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Stop Guessing, Start Knowing: Explore Your Team's Verified Skills with My People Snapshot
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Stop Guessing, Start Knowing: Explore Your Team's Verified Skills with My People Snapshot

Ever missed a deadline or squandered resources because the wrong people were assigned to a project? In today's ever-changing work environment, it's crucial to have the right team in place for every project. That's why we're excited to introduce My People Snapshot, a new feature that quickly allows you to view your team's verified skill data in the Workera administrator dashboard with just a single click.

Enhanced Transparency and Accessibility of Skill Data

My People Snapshot was developed after discussions with industry leaders who were frustrated by outdated, inferred, self-reported data methods. Leveraging Workera's expertise in skill assessments, My People Snapshot provides a detailed view of your team's verified skills.

Gone are the days of downloading cumbersome CSV reports and performing manual data analyses. With My People Snapshot, managers now have a quicker way to explore specific skill areas of interest and obtain actionable insights for making staffing decisions and targeting upskilling initiatives. This new feature allows for data-driven actions within the intuitive Workera interface by selecting any skill domain on the admin dashboard.  


Having a reference point for what excellence looks like is crucial to ensure your talent remains top-notch. We've enhanced our benchmarking visualizations to enable managers to quickly gauge where their teams stand within a domain. 

Maturity Level

Managers can now assess the current maturity level across the company within a selected domain. Maturity levels offer insights into the distribution of skill expertise, calculated as the percentage of employees that have reached an accomplished level. The higher the percentage within the domain, the greater the maturity level of the team assigned to it.


My People Snapshot tracks those who have most significantly improved, highlights top performers, and identifies team members who need to complete their assessments. With these insights, administrators can efficiently send targeted "nudges" with predefined messages directly within the app, promoting a culture of continuous growth and engagement.

Advantages of Using My People Snapshot

  • Quickly and easily explore detailed skills, learning progress, and trends within your team.
  • Gain deeper insights into team performance.
  • Identify experts for project staffing or mentoring roles.
  • Understand your company's maturity level per skill domain.
  • Send targeted messages to celebrate achievements or encourage skill development based on verified progress.

Looking ahead

My People Snapshot is designed to make data-driven workforce planning effortless. As we continue to refine and expand this feature, we look forward to supporting leaders in navigating today's dynamic business environment.

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