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Leveraging Workera Signature Domains for AI Fluency and Literacy

To stay ahead in the rapidly advancing world of AI, having an adaptive and robust skills and talent strategy is now a critical necessity.

AI and machine learning technologies are advancing at an unprecedented pace. Companies that fail to keep up with these advancements risk falling behind their competitors. A strategic approach to developing skills and talent ensures that employees are proficient in the latest AI tools and techniques, enabling the company to leverage cutting-edge technology for innovation and efficiency.

Workera's Signature Domains Create Measurable AI Readiness

Workera Signature Domains are our expertly designed, industry-validated skill frameworks for specific skill categories (like ‘Generative AI’ or ‘Data Analytics’ or “Machine Learning’ to name a few). These domains can be used as building blocks for specific roles or projects, for which you’d like to verify and measure your team’s skills. We have over 75 Signature Domains (see below) for technical and non technical roles to choose from to build your learning plans (or what we call Pathways - more on that later) and assess your team’s skills. 

Figure 1: Workera Signature Domains

Many customers have turned to Workera to capture the more detailed and granular information needed to verify the depth and breadth of skills within their organization. Leaders focused on skills in their organizations understand that the depth of decisions that can be made based on skills data depends on the validity and nuance of that data; thus many have turned to Workera to verify and validate those skills.

Take Generative AI for example. High level, imprecise methods like skills inferencing would tell you that someone has Gen AI skills. But that’s all. You don’t really know much about how skilled they really are. Are they really good at them? How truly skilled are they? Skills Verification with Workera breaks it down much deeper than that - to get to a more detailed understanding of their proficiency in that area. With Workera, Generative AI, for example, gets atomized down to 48 more detailed skills (see Figure 2 below for just a sample)

Figure 2: Workera Generative AI Signature Domain

Leverage Workera Signature Domains to their full extent with templates

One of Workera’s other distinguishing characteristics is the ability to align your business goals to skills. Signature Domains can be used in combinations to create Pathways (guided and streamlined skill sets that learners follow to get assessed for a role or project need). Pathways can be created to meet a specific business goal (preparation to staff a new project, need to upskill your team on a new or updated skill or skills, etc) Then, assign a Pathway or Pathways to your team members to have their skills assessed to meet that goal. Unlike traditional pathways, which are costly to implement and focus primarily on content, Workera begins by aligning with business needs and measures proficiency independently of any specific learning content.

Figure 3 : Example of a Pathway

As you build out these Pathways, you can leverage Workera Signature Domain templates for additional customization if needed. Now you can view each Signature Domain in more detail and leverage these domain templates as a starting point.  

Lastly, Workera maintains the domains and keeps all the skills therein up to date and relevant so you don’t have to! Assessments tied to the domains are subsequently up to date on tech advancements as well, so your team’s skills can be continuously assessed throughout the year to ensure their skills stay relevant.

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