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Measuring generative AI skills: the time is now

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    Measuring generative AI skills:
    the time is now

    If you haven’t at least heard the name ChatGPT by now, please direct us to the rock you’ve been living under. Generative AI is set to transform the way we live and work, offering insightful and comprehensive content that goes beyond simple answers to questions.

    Chatbot solutions like GPT-4 and MidJourney are already disrupting creative fields with increasingly complex, sophisticated and accurate text and image renderings, and that’s just the way the average person is leveraging AI – meanwhile, data and technology teams are facing a generation-defining revolution in their fields.

    As we prepare for these new ways of working to become commonplace, here are four big reasons why measuring your team’s skills in generative AI is essential.

    To utilize AI capabilities optimally

    Assessing a workforce's skills allows organizations to understand their employees' strengths and weaknesses in working with AI. This enables the organization to optimize the use of AI technology, ensuring that tasks are allocated to individuals with the right skillset, and that the full potential of AI is being harnessed.

    Having a workforce skilled in using generative AI means that we can tap into their capabilities for faster decision-making, increased efficiency, and more effective problem-solving. This not only leads to higher employee satisfaction but also results in better business outcomes.

    To identify skill gaps and training needs

    Regularly measuring employee skills in using generative AI helps organizations identify areas where they need to invest in training and development. By understanding these gaps, leaders can design targeted training programs that upskill their workforce, keeping them competitive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

    As AI continues to transform industries, businesses need to invest in their workforce to ensure an abundance of the skills needed to thrive in an AI-driven world. Identifying skill gaps and providing targeted training is crucial for businesses to remain competitive and agile.

    To improve decision-making and collaboration

    As generative AI becomes increasingly integrated into various business functions, employees must be equipped with the necessary skills to interpret and act upon AI-generated insights. Having a workforce proficient in using AI improves decision-making and fosters better collaboration between humans and AI systems.

    The future of AI lies in a team’ ability to work alongside these intelligent systems, leveraging their capabilities to augment our own decision-making processes. A skilled workforce that understands how to use and interpret AI can unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth.

    To ensure ethical and responsible AI usage

    Measuring a workforce's skills in using generative AI can help organizations identify potential risks and ensure that employees are following ethical guidelines and best practices. A skilled workforce is better equipped to identify biases, understand the limitations of AI, and mitigate any unintended consequences of AI deployment, thus promoting responsible AI usage.

    A topic being increasingly discussed in public is whether it’s not enough to simply develop AI technologies; we must also consider the ethical implications of their deployment. A workforce that’s confident and proficient in using generative AI will be better equipped to identify potential biases and address them, ensuring that AI is used responsibly and fairly.

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