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Bringing your AI vision to life with Andrew Ng
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Bringing your AI vision to life with Andrew Ng

Bringing your AI vision to life with Andrew Ng: How to ensure you have the right skills and talent to succeed

In this episode of the Skill Baseline podcast, Andrew Ng gives us his take on a host of critical topics, such as his checklist for success, how to hire a world-class AI team, and measure learning velocity.

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Key Quotes

  • "I often recommend start small, do a small project, deliver a small win... one thing that isn't always fully appreciated is that a large part of the purpose of that small initial project is to give people the training to gain the skills to make AI work for your organization so they can then use that first set of skills to do the second project, which grows even bigger skills".
  • "People can talk about learning velocity, but the ability to measure it is actually a very exciting thing for organizations to be able to do".
  • "When you have the right team, with the right people, life is just so much better, and the team always magically solves so many problems."

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