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Workera Selected as Skills Intelligence Partner for Accenture LearnVantage to Meet Demands of AI Economy

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Workera Selected as Skills Intelligence Partner for Accenture LearnVantage to Meet Demands of AI Economy

Workera is excited to share that it has been selected as a world-class skills intelligence partner by Accenture for Accenture LearnVantage. 

Technology is moving so rapidly that the half-life of skills is diminishing. If you want to be an innovator, you have no choice than to continuously assess and sharpen your technical skillset. Whereas 40 years ago, skills could remain relevant for a decade or longer, today they are expected to be updated within 4 years— significantly faster than we’ve ever seen. 

Accenture LearnVantage will offer clients extensive tech learning services, enabling reskilling and upskilling in tech, data, and AI for organizational reinvention and enhanced business value. This service aims to assist leaders in various sectors and governments to swiftly pinpoint and address skill gaps caused by technological advancements, offering tailored industry-specific training at speed and scale. It will provide personalized learning paths for diverse roles, including AI, data science, cloud, and cybersecurity for IT experts, and Gen AI training for executives and business leaders.

Accenture recently reported that Sixty-one percent of workers globally will need retraining by 2027, 94% of people are saying they are ready to learn new skills, however only 5% of organizations are actively reskilling their workforce at scale. In highly sought after skills such as AI, machine learning, and cloud computing this timeframe is estimated to be even shorter. 

“The rapid rise of generative AI has grown our clients’ need for training and upskilling their people in cloud, data and AI as they build their digital core, which is essential for reinvention,” said Kishore Durg, global lead of Accenture LearnVantage. “Accenture LearnVantage will help our clients not only advance their business goals but also help their people build the skills they will need for the next waves of technology change.”

The new service is designed to help leaders across industries and governments quickly identify gaps in relevant skills being created by advances in technologies and then provide the industry-specific training needed to fill those gaps at speed and scale. 

To learn more, visit the official announcement in the Accenture Newsroom:




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