Future-Proof Your Talent: Harnessing Verified Skills Data to Stay Ahead in AI and Tech

Introducing Skillmap AI

Align your teams to the skills they need with the power of AI

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From Vague to Verified

Why workera

SkillMap AI takes your projects and breaks them down into measurable skills helping you verify each skill and power hyper-personalized learning aligned to your projects.

Generate skill maps

Easily translate your projects into measurable skills. Our pioneered approach to understanding skills is the foundation for generating skill maps. Provide a prompt, and we’ll deliver an ontology — in just a few minutes. Request a personalized demo

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Measure your teams

Along with a map, you’ll get AI-generated, mentor-like assessments to understand how your team’s skills stack up. Edit your skill map to focus on the granular skills that align with your project, and then verify your team’s skills. Start measuring the skills of your team

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Tailored learning plans

Take action on skill gaps with unique learning pathways. SkillMap AI provides the only truly adaptive learning solution based on the skills of your team. Content integrations and quick lessons help your teams quickly gain the skills needed for your project. Learn more about SkillMap AI


Skill verification in a matter
of minutes

Why settle for skill inference or self-assessment when you can reason from a source of truth in
just a few minutes with the help of AI? With SkillMap, you can turn any project into a robust set
of skills, unbiased measurements, and tailored upskilling campaigns.







Frequently Asked Questions

Workera leverages best-in-class GenAI solutions to provide SkillMap AI. These solutions unlock the possibility of scaling our psychometrically tested solutions to each enterprise and learner.In addition to demonstrating a state-of-the-art performance on an extensive list of natural language benchmarks, researchers continuously fine-tune the solutions to minimize the risk of low-quality, wrong, or harmful content.

Our fairness work is governed by practices outlined in The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, & NCME, 2014). Core tenets of assessment fairness include SME diversity, lack of measurement bias, and accessibility. Workera applies these fairness principles to SkillMap AI. For example, our assessment developers, with various industry experiences, years of experience, and global backgrounds, collaborated to finalize every iteration of our competency model prompt for SkillMap AI.

AI-generated content pulls from Workera data and public domains. Our team of learning experts carefully iterated on prompts to ensure the generation of high-quality lessons on custom domains. We are also exploring solutions to ensure that generated lessons soon pull from high-quality, cited sources.

SkillMap AI is a game-changer in assessment development, taking just 5 minutes to create skill frameworks with 95% accuracy. This expedites upskilling initiatives in today's fast-changing tech landscape.

Scott Frohn | Phd

Senior Manager of Assessments and Psychometrics | Workera.ai