Future-Proof Your Talent: Harnessing Verified Skills Data to Stay Ahead in AI and Tech


Executive dinner with Workera

Wednesday, November 15, 6.00 - 9.00 pm CDT  

Rose Mary, 932 W Fulton Market, Chicago

Embracing generative AI in the workplace brings a wealth of opportunities to drive productivity and transformation. In the last six months alone, our data shows only 28% of our clients’ teams had the right GenAI skills upon initial assessment. This skill gap directly impacted their enterprise's ability to innovate – and shows why leaders need to take action. 

During the event, we'll explore questions like, how generative AI will increase productivity threefold? What are the essential skills for success in an AI-augmented organization? How to accelerate Gen AI adoption? How to drive AI upskilling in your organization?

Join us and other forward-thinking Data and AI leaders for an inspiring discussion and much more over a private dinner at Rose Mary.


Stanford Lecturer of Computer Science and CEO & Founder at Workera

Chad Wanless 
CSO at Workera

About Kian Katanforoosh
Kian is an award-winning lecturer at Stanford University, where he teaches Deep Learning in the Computer Science department with Adjunct Professor Andrew Ng. Together, they have taught AI to over 3 million people

*Attendance to this event is by invitation only and registration is subject to approval.