Egypt’s Information Technology Institute partners with Workera on its Artificial Intelligence Professional Training Program

February 3, 2021
Egypt’s Information Technology Institute (ITI) and Workera Corp. (Workera) have entered into a partnership to utilize Workera’s AI assessment platform as a part of the applicant process for ITI’s Artificial Intelligence Professional Training Program (AI-Pro). Developed in partnership with the French Graduate School of Computer Science and Advanced Technologies (EPITA) AI-Pro is a 9-month postgraduate professional training program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The program provides a unique learning experience balancing theoretical foundations, practical tools, and experience with real-world applications. Interest in the program has exceeded even the most optimistic projections, with more than 600 applicants in the first 24 hours of the program’s announcement. Through the use of Workera’s assessment, ITI will be able to effectively evaluate thousands of applicants, delivering an objective, streamlined evaluation process and providing feedback for all applicants.

“Collaboration with Workera would serve our main goals of providing a benchmarking assessment of our Data & AI training programs and its graduates,” said Dr. Heba Saleh, ITI chairperson. ”We also believe it can dramatically accelerate our goal of understanding and developing our youth’s Data & AI skillsets, exposing them to a wider job market and enabling a vast set of opportunities for them through remote working.”

“We are honored to partner with the Information Technology Institute and The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on their AI-Pro initiative,” said Kian Katanforoosh, Workera’s CEO and Co-founder. “The rise of remote work created a unique opportunity for Egypt to become a leading AI talent hub in the Middle-East, supporting both local and global projects. This initiative will accelerate the country’s national technology strategy and contribute to its long-term economic growth.”