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Paige Chang
PhD Student at University of Pennsylvania
“I love that I can take technical assessment and learn what topics I should brush up on for job interviews. They not only provided me with personalized feedback based on the assessment results, but also valuable opportunities to connect with some of the big firms and startups.
Emmanuel Acheampong
Machine Learning Engineer
“Anyone who is interested in AI will find tremendous resources on Workera. Their innovative skills assessment helped me evaluate myself as an ML practitioner. I really wish a platform like this existed when I was beginning my journey in AI but I'm grateful it exists now.”
Simon Phua
Data and Insights
“I thoroughly enjoyed Workera's technical test. It was challenging, comprehensive and pretty fun. I definitely recommend it for those looking to gauge your current know-how or get some insights into the skillsets companies are hiring for.”
Matthias Untergassmair
Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford Intelligent Systems Lab
“The Workera assessment helped me benchmark my AI skills, find my weaknesses, and approach job interviews with confidence.”
Aditya Lahiri
Research Engineer at American Express, AI Labs
“ The quality and breadth of the questions asked on Workera were in a league of its own. Add to that, the option to know where you stand and the credibility of the people behind the platform, and you have a game changer. I got a clear understanding of where I stand in a variety of quintessential fields relevant to the AI field.”
Machine Learning Engineer at Origin Labs
“I love that I was gauged on a variety of skill-sets like machine learning, deep learning, mathematics, coding with equal focus on the fundamentals and advanced concepts. I don't see how else I would've gotten in touch with amazing people from the AI community!”
Aritro Biswas
Research Engineer at Vicarious AI
“Workera has matched me with various opportunities which I feel have been very relevant to my interests. Not only that, but they have been very responsive in their communication and very proactive about following up with me at different stages of my career search. All in all, I would highly recommend Workera to those looking to switch to a career in AI.”
Ziqi Liu
Data Scientist at Indeed
“Workera provided me personalized opportunities and valuable chances to connect with industry professionals when I was a fresh Master’s with limited experience.”
Yi Su
Machine Learning Engineer at Lime
“For people like me who would like to break into a machine learning job, it is extremely difficult to get interview opportunities due to a lack of relevant work experience. Few companies gave me a chance. Workera helped me bridge this gap. In the end, I happily landed my first job as an MLE.
Swaraj Khadanga
Software Engineer at Google
“I interviewed with companies like Pinterest, Illumina and C3 through Workera. The team was very helpful and responsive throughout the program and was really considerate of my career interest and preferences while matching me to any job openings.”
Lijie Tu
PhD Student at Cornell
“I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in pursuing AI as a career to join Workera. This program is unique in that it not only connects you with some of the best AI roles in startups and big firms, but also provides you with personalized advice for interview preparation and self-improvement.”
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