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Standardized assessment to evaluate your data scientist, machine learning engineer, and software engineer applicants.
The industry standard for AI talent measurement
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AI skills dimensions
Step 1
Select an AI role
Step 2
Invite AI applicants to take the standardized test
Step 3
Workera scores and ranks your applicants
Step 4
Review and select top performers
Human interviewers for what they do best, AI for the rest
Leverage computerized adaptive tests created by a team of experts in AI and assessment led by Dr. Andrew Ng and Kian Katanforoosh from and Stanford University. Our massive question library covers more than 500 AI and software topics.
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Software Engineer-ML
Software Engineer
Data Analyst
Machine Learning Researcher
Deep Learning Engineer
Software Engineer-DL
Deep Learning Researcher
Job Tasks
Machine Learning
Data Science
Algorithmic Coding
Deep Learning
Software Engineering
Data scientists carry out data engineering, modeling, and business analysis tasks. Their skills complement those of people who deploy models and build software infrastructure.
Evaluate Everyone Everywhere
Don’t reject a resume. Learn more about every AI applicant without allocating engineering resources. Our standardized assessment beats trained interviewers in evaluating foundational technical skills. Plus, it can be administered in one click!
Evaluate as many candidates as you want simultaneously.
The number of questions a computer can administer while a human asks a single question.
interview scheduled, just deadlines!
Skill-based hiring decisions
People write good resumes, but does it mean they are top performers? Hire based on the right signals with our skills based tests designed by assessment experts. Reduce unconscious bias from your selection process.
Rankings based on custom scoring
A thorough review of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses
Reduced unconscious bias
Define a better hiring bar with data
Setting up unreasonable job requirements is the first barrier to a successful hire. With Workera’s unique skills data for AI roles, you can define reasonable requirements and quantify the performance of your AI applicants against industry standards. If your target hire isn’t in your pool, you’ll find additional talent sources on Workera Connect.
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