Measure, benchmark, and develop your AI teams.

Workera helps companies establish top performing AI teams by measuring their data analytics, machine learning, and software engineering capabilities. We'll show you how good you are, how you compare to others, and how to get better.

The most comprehensive assessment in the world for companies.
We worked with over 100 top AI companies to develop a rigorous yet highly accessible test. Our work is led by Kian Katanforoosh, an award-winning Stanford lecturer and the creator of the world’s most popular deep learning course, and Andrew Ng, the world’s most recognized AI leader. Together, Kian and Andrew have taught machine learning to over 3 million people around the world.
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Measure the right capabilities for the right roles
We’ve built a rigorous yet highly accessible test that covers 500+ skills across 7 disciplines, aligning to the 9 most critical data analytics, AI and machine learning roles for an organization today.
Receive results in as little as 15 minutes, along with detailed recommendations for each of your employees.
Personalized learning paths for each employee to build optimal AI/ML teams
Based on our diagnostic assessment, we recommend a career pathway and a learning path to each of your employees.
Your employees access curated content from the world’s leading educational platforms including Coursera, Udacity, and many more.
They earn a certificate upon completion of their career pathway.
Personalized learning path for your employees.
Every learner is different. Our assessment helps your employees choose their own AI career pathway and study a curated selection of resources to achieve measurable learning outcomes.
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Measure and benchmark your organization with our diagnostic assessment.
Provide a personalized learning path to your employees toward AI.
Use our rigorous assessment to evaluate your job applicants.
Staff your team with talent from one of the AI largest communities in the world.
Trusted by AI, education, and HR leaders across 100+ companies.
Companies everywhere are building AI teams, but it’s still unclear how to structure them. This report walks you through the different roles that make up an AI team, the tasks each role carries out, and the skills they have.
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