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Workera is the leading platform to evaluate and connect with machine learning engineers and data scientists.

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Evaluate machine learning engineers, data scientists, and software engineers, faster and at scale with standardized tests built by a team of AI and assessment experts led by Dr. Andrew Ng and Kian Katanforoosh -- so you can build a better future.
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Hire all AI roles
Use a unique platform to screen all AI roles including machine learning engineers/researchers, data scientists/analysts, and software engineers.
Evaluate different AI skills such as machine learning, data science, mathematics, algorithmic coding, software engineering, and deep learning independently.
Build a versatile AI team.
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Screen applicants remotely with online tests.
Send hundreds of tests in one click.
Liberate your team and applicants from interviewing outside working hours due to time zone differences.
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Finding good AI engineers is a burden everyone faces. We’ll show your jobs to our community of 100K+ AI practitioners and connect you with the ones who are fit to tackle your AI projects.
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Enhance your employer brand among 100,000+ AI practitioners in the world.
Connect with talented AI practitioners from underrepresented groups and non-traditional backgrounds.
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Companies everywhere are building AI teams, but it’s still unclear how to structure them. This report walks you through the different roles that make up an AI team, the tasks each role carries out, and the skills they have.
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