Precision upskilling
that powers workforce

Workera drives skills transformation for global enterprises and governments
in the domains of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, data analytics,
and data literacy to drive measurable results.

How it works

Configure: chart your path to the future with a granular
skills taxonomy built for your organization.

Measure: evaluate your technical and non-technical teams capabilities using adaptive assessments.

Upskill: Workera provides mentorship at scale with
personalized learning plans that close skills gaps in a
fraction of the time versus other solutions.

Innovate: the Workera skills signal powers your global
talent strategy to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and retain top talent.

Built by subject-matter experts, developed in
collaboration with over 100 top companies

Benchmark your team against the best-in-class

Know where your employees stand today. Skill-level and role-level reports empower managers to develop their teams, and to benchmark against a community representing 1,000+ companies.

Quantify the ROI from your workforce upskilling initiative

Analytics and real-time measurement of skills attainment show at a granular level your team’s before-and-after improvements. Industry benchmarking ensures that your team remains competitive.
“Companies are investing billions to develop in-house talent in AI and other areas; measuring the impact of these investments is critically important.”

Andrew Ng
Dr. Andrew Ng
Workera Chairman
Coursera Co-founder
Stanford University CS Adjunct Professor